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Immagine the Best Life. Dream the craziest.

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Fly like an eagle.

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Call it PRESENT 

Cuore D'Italia 


The natural taste of fresh fruits offered to you in colors

Just a sip and you are already InLove 

Natural Juice, Fruit Yogurt, Fruit Prosecco and Bio Fruits Juice for kids 

Queen ElenaLUX Supermarket

  Monte Carlo 


 Hand picked organic and healthy products

You'll be serve like a Queen and eat like royalties 

Great Food = Happy Life 

An Exceptional Pure Natural Water 

Italian Dolomiti Mountains Natural Source

UNESCO World Heritage Park Site 

Worth a drink (wink) 

Maria the Queen Foundation


WE HELP children and animals 

                       WE CONTRIBUTE and sustain other charity project


        WE CARE 

                 WE PRAY 

                          WE LOVE 

To luxuriate or not to luxuriate. This is the thought to be had when accessing Raluca's newest idea: LuxuriateInFashion. This opulent chapter of Raluca's visionary journey passes by this unique fashion store. Its original purpose stems from a will to bedifferent, a will of being able to expose the best, and nothing but the best. This online fashion store will allow an elite clientele to indulge in the most exclusive and swanky items available on the market; a handpicked selection of the top luxury brands and lesser known gems to hit the stores in recent memory. Whether it's from a flagship store in the heart of New York, or a hidden boutique in the meanders of Hong Kong's streets, Raluca will make sure to present you with the most striking elements of any fashion line.

To distinguish herself from any other fashion store, Raluca's refined taste will bring you selected foods from the savory world of culinary hors d'oeuvres, and first-class exhibitions of fine art. Anything ranging from fine wines, contemporary cuisine, or noble works of art, Raluca makes sure to provide the most refined elements of our rapdily evolving world only a click away!

Last but definitely not least, for the client with the highest of standards, Raluca will also provide a private styling service, where she will personally adhere to all of your demands and design outfits worthy of your tastes and desires. This online store is only a mere image of Raluca's vision, as from the moment you will become a member of this restricted community you will feel enveloped in an illustrious cloak of luxury.  

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